I am a painter and printmaker (member of Leicester Print Workshop) working from my home studio.

Project List


A project inspired by Emil Nolde’s ‘Unfinished Paintings’ and how he had created character and relationships between the figures painted using non-realistic colours.

Lockdown 2022

This project documents my start on larger oil paintings, on either canvas or canvas board.

Lockdown 2021

A quick summary of the painting I did during the Covid lockdown of 2021.

Lockdown 2020

A quick summary of the work I did during the Covid lockdown of 2020, most of which was printmaking by hand.


This is a record of the Final Major Project (FMP) from my 2 year, part-time, Foundation Diploma in Art and Design (FIAD) course at De Montfort University, Leicester, concluding in May 2020.


Ongoing project exploring aspects of personal identity: how people construct the individual self from the influence of others.


Ongoing project to document all the wood letterpress type held at Leicester Print Workshop in a format that allows it to be used digitally (primarily in mock-ups before visiting LPW to make prints using that type).

EMD Fantasia

Project looking at the sorts of things people might idly daydream while waiting for trains at East Midlands Parkway railway station. Surreal images developed using soft etching on steel plates.

Wrong Way

Solo exhibition at LCB Depot Print Room from 4-Mar-2016 to 30-Jun-2016. Based on photos taken during trip around Australia in 2015.

Recent blog posts

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