Selves project: Restart

After the previous blog post about starting this project, I hit a block. I didn’t really resolve the issue but decided instead to use the project as a way of experimenting with different variations of limited (red, yellow & blue) palettes. All without worrying too much about how ‘right’ the paintings are. So, in less than two weeks I completed three paintings:

Selves IV
Selves IV

This one was done using Vermilion, Violet and Lemon Yellow (I’ve allowed myself to also use Zinc Mixing White and Titanium White). Some bits I really like (woman’s hair, the splashes of pure yellow) and bits I don’t (man’s hair especially) so, as with all this series, it is still a work in progress.

Selves III
Selves III

Went back to this mistake. Still looks a lot like a mistake! Colours were Venetian Red, Yellow Ochre & Cobalt Blue: possibly not a good selection for portraits as most of the combinations looked muddy; maybe needed a brighter yellow to counter the earthier red.

Selves V

Colours were Rose Madder, Cadmium Yellow Deep Hue & Ultramarine. Really unsure about this one though I’m happy with the range of colours achieved.

I’ve also sketched out the next two but that may have to wait until after a short break we’re taking up in Northumberland next week.

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