I am Australian, live in the Midlands of England and am retired from a career in IT. My background is science and technology (first degree in Physics & Maths from Adelaide University) but my greater interest is in philosophy (MA (Philosophy) with Open University) and art (just finished the Foundation in Art & Design at De Montfort University).

I became interested in printmaking after an introductory course at Leicester Print Workshop, where I now occupy Studio 5. My main techniques are etching and letterpress but am competent in most other forms of printmaking. I typically begin with a photograph of a place or person and then, through digital manipulation, drawing and, finally, printmaking, make an image that is estranged from its original context and format, allowing the viewer to construct a story based on their own experiences and with their own meanings.

During the Foundation course at DMU, I worked in many areas new to me, including textile printing and surface design, laser cutting and animation. For the Final Major Project I explored the philosophy of free will and determinism and began to work in oil painting. Examples of the use of all of these techniques can be seen in my final works.

See the Projects section for information about recent work.