This blog is about my twentieth attempt to get one started and probably has as much chance of continuing as the rest. I seem to be better at responding to others’ posts than creating my own.  So, this is unlikely to be either regular or long lasting. We’ll see.

Who am I? I’m an Australian, living in the Midlands of England with an English wife. We have one daughter who has moved into her own place. I’m now retired (early, very early!) but was previously an IT professional (project manager) working for the University of Leicester in the Department of Physics and Astronomy. My background is science and technology but my greater interest is in philosophy, art and literature. So I’ll likely post on anything and everything (until I stop, that is).

In the last few years, I’ve got interested in printmaking. After an introductory course, I joined Leicester Print Workshop. I’ve been on quite a few courses  and only very recently (as of 2015) have started making work more steadily. My main interest is in translating from the digital to the hand-made so most of my work will involve making prints from photographs and using art software. I’m the Communications Volunteer at LPW, helping with newsletter production, database and spreadsheet work and pretty much anything else that’ll help out. I created and maintain the Printmaking Central blog. I also volunteer at public outreach events and help out tutors on courses. From January 2017, I will be a Studio Volunteer as well, helping the technician on duty, initially on Tuesdays. I reside several days a week in Studio 5 in the new LPW premises and can often be found there prevaricating about my art.

There is another, slightly darker, snapshot of me up as one of Kona Macphee’s ‘six things’ blogs.