This is a record of the Final Major Project (FMP) from my 2 year, part-time, Foundation Diploma in Art and Design (FIAD) course at De Montfort University, Leicester, concluding in May 2020. For the FMP, we are required to produce a Critical Appraisal (CA) looking at the work we have done. Normally, this would be assessed, by tutors and external assessors, alongside our work and the course would culminate in a public show of our work. However, the Covid-19 pandemic interrupted this process. We had no show, there was no external assessment and, apart from work the tutors might have seen in the studio and during tutorials, all the work was assessed based on photographs in the CA.

My CA as submitted can be seen online here (pdf).

We were afforded a slightly greater word count for the CA (2000 rather than 1500) but I still struggled to explain myself: my initial document ran to over 4500 words! So, here I will give myself all the space I want to record my work in as many words and images as I wish to use. Things will also get changed as I reflect on the project.

While this is a static report of the FMP and the work done during that period, the overall project will continue as I produce more work on the subject: see FW&D.


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