Lockdown 2020

A quick summary of the work I did during the Covid lockdown of 2020, most of which was printmaking by hand.

The year began with me trying to complete the Final Major Project of my Foundation course, documented in the FIAD-FMP project. Covid interrupted that and work continued from home but I did get it finished and gained a Distinction!

In order to make prints from home, in what was initially very limited space, I wanted to use ink that would print well on dry paper. After some research, it seemed that AKUA Liquid Pigment ink might work. I bought a few colours and started trying them out.

Note: all the following pictures (& accompanying captions) are from my Instagram feed so apologies for the quality!

I initially had trouble, applying the ink too heavily:

Then tried building the image up in layers:

I found that sponging the ink on was better than brushing it:

I then tried making prints using stencils, with a simplified ‘landscape’, a still life and then back to a portrait:

A couple more stencil prints:

And then back to the still life, only this time I used the Adobe Dimension tool to model the vases in digital 3D then printed out the composition I liked and cut stencils using the printout. The stencils were cut from acetate so that I could wash and reuse them using different colours:

I also kept up with monotype portraits using both brushes and sponges:

I also created a portrait in a highly representational manner, using a colour that made it resemble a Renaissance red chalk painting:

This was widely praised (amongst friends and Instagram followers) so I tried another one, with much less satisfying results. I found that I just wasn’t interested in repeating the exercise: it was more of a chore than a pleasure and that shows in the image:

If noting else, these prints made my home studio look interesting:

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