Artquest Painting Salon

As a follow-up to the Z-Crit I (virtually) attended a couple of years ago, I applied and was accepted to join the Artquest Painting Salon announced recently. There will be three sessions, on 8-Sept-2022, 17-Nov-2022 & 16-Mar-2023. From the website:

The Artquest Salon is a forum for artists to:

  • Meet peers, curators and other art-world professionals with similar interests and concerns
  • Get ongoing feedback on work
  • Discuss wider developments in practice
  • Develop strategies for effective, collective, mutual support

The Artquest Salon aims to:

  • Build communities of interest amongst artists
  • Foster independently meeting artist groups
  • Connect participants to other sources of support for their practice

A couple of people will be chosen each session to present work and get feedback from the other participants. I’m down to present at the 17-Nov session and am hoping to have a number of paintings from the Selves project to show, perhaps with one from my previous work. More on this after the first session.

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