This is a holding place for the Selves project. While the project is ongoing, progress will (hopefully) be recorded in blog posts (see below for list).


During my down time, I came across Emil Nolde‘s Unpainted Pictures. I was drawn to how he’d created character and relationships between the figures painted using non-realistic colours and thought to make my own attempt at this.



I began with photographs of people that I’d taken at Loughborough Market several years ago (the same ones I’ve been using over and over in multiple projects). I took individuals and combined them, mostly in pairs, in compositionally interesting ways using Photoshop. Once I had an image that worked, I printed it and then carefully transferred it to canvas in pencil (usually 2B, occasionally coloured pencils). I then messed it up by going over the drawing using a feather dipped in black acrylic ink. This gave me the more expressionistic feel I was after while retaining a realistic basis.




Progress blog posts

Selves project: Restart

After the previous blog post about starting this project, I hit a block. I didn’t really resolve the issue but decided instead to use the project as a way of experimenting with different variations of limited (red, yellow & blue) palettes. All without worrying too much about how ‘right’ the paintings are. So, in less…

New Project start: Selves

After my long (or so it felt) break from painting, I managed to get started by buying some stretcher bars (from here) which meant I had to stretch the canvas I’d bought a while back (Jackson’s 183cm x 10m primed 339gsm cotton duck roll). And with these stretched canvases, I figured I’d better get going…

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