Post-CA Reflections

Having documented the final major project of my Foundation course (here), and added a few reflections about my work and the course (here), I will try to continue reflecting on my practice and figuring out how to proceed. First, a repeat of something I posted on that reflections page:

I have been trying to work out which artists I should look at to learn about how I make work. Not to copy their techniques or subject matter but to understand better what it is that I’m doing.

I think that my approach to figuration is most like Ken Kiff which is no surprise to me: it was seeing Kiff’s work for the first time recently that made me think it was possible that I could make images that were ‘right’ for me. In terms of composition, the closest I’ve found so far is perhaps Neo Rauch though mine are less collage-like. His work has an almost-real feel to it while also being wholly surreal and this is something I’m hoping to achieve in my paintings.

Ken Kiff – Empty Street, Shadow above a River, Sea Space
1986 to 1988
Acrylic and oil on board
Neo Rauch: Die Aufnahme
(from It’s Nice That)

It is in the ‘feel’ of the paint that I’m struggling to find a ‘mentor’. I like the effect of flatness in the paint that I’ve achieved. Many artists have the paint applied flatly while still producing a range of tones in their colouring: I’ve not found figurative painters that use large swathes of monotonal colour, eliminating depth in both look and application.

I will keep looking, and, hopefully, posting here using the tag ‘reflections‘.

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