EMD Fantasia

This was a project of soft ground etchings using photographs taken of the East Midlands Parkway railway station frontage with added fantastic elements. It began when I used those photos to construct a composite image of the station frontage then etch that onto copper as part of one of the first of LPW’s Summer Schools:


I wasn’t happy with how it turned out. My scribing skills were woefully lacking and this showed up a lot on copper. I then had the idea of turning each of the scenes into surreal renderings of peoples’ daydreams while waiting for trains overlaid on these structures. I made a number of quick sketches, such as:

These were turned into full size drawings (60 cm x 20cm) which I traced over steel with soft ground applied and then etched. Two of those (I’m writing this five years later and having trouble finding original images):

Other work got in the way and I was never quite sure how to ‘finish’ the images.

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