Antiphony project

After attending the LPW Letterpress Summer School last week, I’m now starting work on my submission to the forthcoming LPW members’ exhibition, Antiphony. The brief for this exhibition stated:

Antiphony was a historical method of music production, whereby two sets of voices sang alternately, through a call and response. For this year’s Members’ show, we are inviting artists to propose print based artwork, events, performances or other activity that explores the idea of a response through time.

The work could respond to different situations in life; as a way to reflect back on past activity or influences. Alternatively it could be developed over time through a collaborative process with others; both literally through verbal conversations or visual responses, or through a virtual or research based dialogue; such as with literature, music or other source material.

My proposal was:

… the creation of one or more cityscape prints based on works by Lancelot Ribeiro. When the Ribeiro exhibition was announced for the New Walk Gallery last year, I looked at his work and was most taken by his townscape oil paintings, the abstract delineation of space and rich combination of colours giving a contrast between alien emptiness and warm, organic inclusion.

I propose trying to produce the same sort of effects in etchings with Nottingham and Leicester cityscapes. I would use steel plates with hard and soft ground, spit bite and sugar lift as well as aquatint to get the range of effects and experiment with colour mixing on the plate. I see this as a collaboration with Ribeiro, as I investigate his work in detail, and with other etchers, as I figure out the techniques needed.

See the featured image above for examples of Ribeiro townscapes.

I’ve created a project (here) to collate the various posts and other work I put up relating to Antiphony. The work has to be completed by 6th October so I have two months to figure it all out!

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