Not every session of printmaking works out how you want. Often there will be one small part of a print that has a fault but which renders the whole print unfit for including in an edition. And, of course, there are plenty of prints made during development sessions when ideas are being worked out. These prints tend to accumulate in the corner of a studio, saved for some time when they can be re-purposed as collage material or overprinted to try out a new idea.

My daughter, Vick Linde, has taken a number of such prints of mine and selected small, abstract, parts of them to create a range of cards we have called (Re)Imagine. These cards will be available in a number of places or direct from us, priced around £2.50 (plus postage if from us): use the Contact page to order or ask about them.

Vick is a published author and poet. Her Patreon page can be found here:


Slideshow of cards currently made up (lots more to come, once we’ve ordered the card blanks):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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