FMP Sketchbook 3

This sketchbook contains preparatory work for the oil paintings.

The following are for the painting, ‘The Swerve’:

These sketches, starting from a Photoshop collage, are for “Laplace’s Demon”:

These sketches and Photoshop constructions are for ‘Phenomenal’:

This is the one and only sketch for ‘Noumenal’:

I started thinking about a painting based on the idea that free will is theologically necessary ‘to allow the ungodly … to be deservedly condemned’. (Erasmus, quoted in Baggini, p 81) It was tentatively titled ‘Ungodly’. The first composition was:

I dropped that composition for ‘Ungodly’ and worked one up based on a sketch made in the Nottingham Justice Museum. This one has yet to be painted: