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Sea set rock

Like a jewel in a ring, the sea has set this rock into its driftwood setting:

sea set rock

Snake head? stick

Piece of driftwood looking a little like a rearing snake head, even to the scales.

snake head stick

Well, okay, maybe a snake crossed with a Labrador.

Lump of wood

A lump of wood on the walk up to FJ glacier.

lump of wood

What the flood plain must be like in winter/spring! Would love to see it sometime – from a distance.

Wood, texture

Yet another piece of wood with interesting textures.

Wood, texture

I’m not sure what else I might have done with this image. I really like the mix of textures but they all look a little flat. One to experiment with later, I think.

Wood landscape

Chunk of wood found amongst the stones on a beach along the Riverton Rocks Highway. Looks like a landscape shot from the air.

Wood landscape

Really like this one. Maybe a little over-enhanced but it works for me.

Could make a dozen abstracts by selecting different crops within this shot Smile.


Looking a little like the remains of an Australopithecan skull, this chunk of wood is well on the way to total decay.