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Old shed

This second poem uses the other photograph in the prompt:

old shed

I tried to relate a number of concepts here but after a couple of hours of struggle and my pencil reducing considerably in length, I have to admit failure. There is the germ of an idea but it’ll need more time than I had today to get it in shape. Still, this will serve as a reminder.


There, a shelf of jars before a window.

Good glass aspires to erasure, it
signifies nothing. This glass, however,
asserts its existence. The jars enclose,
the window warps the world beyond.

Just-in-case jars, dusty and forgotten.
Screw-topped, flip-topped, cork and glass-stoppered,
wide and narrow mouthed, long and squat, all
contents long gone. Like words holding their shape
when the meaning has fled.

That thin pane conjures a filmic dreamscape,
a Gaudian geography of stretch
and snap progression.

Don’t look for meaning here. Only disuse
is significant.

Roofs and window

These two pics are from my trip into Nottingham yesterday. The first is outside Nottingham, a retirement village seen from a long distance across extensive fields where only the roofs of the village can be seen. I wanted a shot of the village itself as it really is an interestingly architected place but could not find anywhere to pull off the road. This is the place, in case you’re looking for somewhere Smile.

roof line

The second picture is the last one I took, of a bay window in a building (here in Google maps) on Middle Pavement in the city.

bay window

Must learn how to adjust converging lines in Photoshop.