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This one took a lot of work and  was worth it if only for the learning experience. I liked the combination of waves and ripples in the original photograph but there were too many blown reflections. This crop was about the only one worth working on. I’d been trying to brush the blown highlights out but that never seemed to work so I dragged a grad filter up and was surprised when that brought a better integration of the highlights to the rest of the picture.


Still an interesting shot, I think. I like the way some of the ripples are like wispy clouds floating above the rocks.

Pink waters

Driving from Meningie back to Coorong Wilderness Lodge, we passed this section of field alongside the road which has flooded with pink water.

Pink waters

I upped the contrast, boosted the highlights and lowered the shadows in the curve, and then lowered the luminance of most colours in the shot. Finally set a graduated filter over the top half of the shot with lowered brightness  so that the sky matched the tone of the water. Quite pleased with the shot.

The pinkness comes from an alga in the water which produces carotene. On the way down to the Coorong we passed a lake of it, less intense than this stretch but I had taken a photo of a sign explaining the colouration.

Pink lake notice

Coorong road

Driving from Meningie back to the Coorong Wilderness Lodge. Both sides of the road were flooded as the water moved back into the Coorong after years of it being deprived by usage upriver (the Murray).

On the right,

Coorong road side 1

the left,

Coorong road side 2

and straight down the middle:

Coorong road side 3

Here is an article on the rise in the Coorong waters.

Liquid abstract

Nearly skipped this photo but noticed the abstract pattern of this patch of water so cropped it out, enhanced it to play on that patterning with this as the result.

Water abstract

I love the tiny squiggles of light at the top.

Will have to look more closely at water pools in the future for the patterns as much as what is in the water.

Sharp rocks, blue water

Combination of very sharp rocks and glacial blue water.

rocky water

Loved the rock in the middle, so cropped to it.

pointed rock

Not much sign of weathering here, yet.