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Lump of wood

A lump of wood on the walk up to FJ glacier.

lump of wood

What the flood plain must be like in winter/spring! Would love to see it sometime – from a distance.

Wood, texture

Yet another piece of wood with interesting textures.

Wood, texture

I’m not sure what else I might have done with this image. I really like the mix of textures but they all look a little flat. One to experiment with later, I think.

White edges

Bark shot today from the Nottingham set shows some white edges. Looks like bark has been flaked off and some bluey white-ish stuff has come in. No idea, tree expert I am not.

I could not get this shot to come exactly right, no matter what adjustments I made in Lightroom. Still, looks ok.

White edges

Mossy bark

Today’s pic is from Sherwood Forest where I went with my daughter a few weeks back for a walk and photography session. I love the natural textures and patterns in trees, rocks and nature in general. This shot is a close up of a tree trunk with its moss covered bark. I did little to this apart from increasing contrast a little and warming the bark colours to tone in with the green of the moss better.

sherwood tree