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After a year of so or doing pretty much no art at all, I’m looking to start again. Our daughter has found a house and moved into it, clearing out her old study (and creating a lovely, cosy library/study in her new place). I’ve taken over this room, put back the desks I’d originally built for her when she was in school, rearranged the bookcases she had and moved my own junk in. I took some snaps on my phone last night:

Study 1 Study 2 Study 3 Study 4

I only got the stuff tidied away into drawers and onto shelves last night, so haven’t started any real work yet, but have been doing a lot of charcoal/pastel scribbling to try and get back into the feel of art making. I’ve a few ideas (and an order from my wife for some drypoint/carborundum prints ‘like Ross Loveday‘ – ha!) so will keep piddling about until one of them comes to the fore.