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Sharp rocks, blue water

Combination of very sharp rocks and glacial blue water.

rocky water

Loved the rock in the middle, so cropped to it.

pointed rock

Not much sign of weathering here, yet.


Well, that was the quickest I’ve responded to any prompt. This one was to ‘Turn off the noise. Go to a window. Write what you see, feel and/or want in a stream-of-consciousness form.’ I suppose that ought to have come out as a stream about myself but this turned into another character. Strange.


This stream is stuck at the window,
one way glazing, reflecting me
and the room I’m in. A room
of my own, sadly. Single bed,
desk, bookshelves. Books might
furnish a room but cosy they’re not.
You are out there, too far away
to be looking in. Could I scrape
a hole in the half silvered layer: no
going back from that. To see
what watches me, look into
another’s eyes. Scary.
Perhaps there is another room
there, someone thinking as I do.
Or, just a mirror and eyes
I’d rather not gaze into.