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Ship loading grain at Wallaroo jetty

Yes, I know that I’ve shown this ship and the jetty before but this is a different angle – shot from the beach. What the hell, I like the shot.

Ship loading grain at Wallaroo jetty

Ship docked at Wallaroo

behind a security fence. At sunset.

ship docked at Wallaroo

Fiddled quite a bit with this shot but still not satisfied. Doesn’t quite come together but I’m not sure why. Changing the crop makes it worse. Changing one setting upsets others. Just not the right shot, I guess. Shame about the fence.

Horizon ship

Ship is probably headed into Wallaroo. In opposition to yesterday’s shot, this one had huge numbers of adjustments, to highlight the blue and green sea differences, bring out the silhouette of the ship and then balance it all. Ended up with two grad filters, one dragged down from top right and one from bottom left, the former to darken the sky and highlight the ship at the edge of dark and light; the latter to brighten the rocks at the bottom of the shot and highlight the sea. Turned out ok I think.

horizon ship