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Rock pool with white branchy seaweed

Another rock pool, this one with a white seaweed

Rock pool with white branchy thing

Seaweed soup

Very small rock pool, like a bowl of seaweed soup

seaweed soup

Seaweed tray

Looking like it ought to be displayed on a coffee table, as is.

seaweed tray

This is the first time I’ve used the editing brush in Lightroom, in this case to increase the saturation of just the seaweed and stones, leaving the rest of the photo untouched. This’ll delay my Photoshop uptake.

Seaweed clump

Clump of seaweed at one of the beaches on the Riverton Rocks Highway. This whole stretch of the coast is great for fossickers (not too bad for the fossickers’ spouses who like to sit and look at the view or get out and take photographs while the other half gets on with it).

seaweed clump

Looking again, maybe the title should have been ‘bacon and eggs’?

Seaweed snowscape?

This pic is of the foam from a wave hitting the beach at Waipapa Point and covering the rocks and seaweed. Looks like a snowscape viewed from above.

seaweed snowscape


This shot shows why there is so much seaweed washed up on the beach at Waipapa Point.

Waipapa Point waves

Brain seaweed

This rather gross looking specimen of seaweed looking like a brain and spinal column assembly also shot at Waipapa Point in NZ.

brain seaweed

Seaweed bubbles

Bubble-type seaweed at Waipapa point.

seaweed bubbles

Sea monster

Another shot from the beach at Waipapa Point: a line of seaweed that looks like a washed up sea monster.

Sea monster

Seaweed abstract

The beach at Waipapa Point has a brilliant diversity of seaweed washed up on it. These come in the most beautiful colours and most bizarre shapes I’ve ever seen. Will post a few of these over the next couple of days. First, rust red folds.

seaweed abstract 1

Again, thanks to the New Zealand sunshine, this pic was only cropped, no other image adjustments.