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Steep descent

This is the last of the pics from our trip to Aus/NZ with which I started this series of experiments with Lightroom on April 1. And the last of my ‘Pic a Day’ category. I’m going to start the 750 words ‘challenge’ to get my self back into writing. This will be my morning exercise for the next few months but will not be posted here. So, these postings will become less frequent though I intend to continue posting art progress (when I resume progressing that is: I’ve been buried in work for Surface Gallery recently; more about that later).

So, far from the best, but, last of the pics (for now):

steep descent


Shot around the Onkaparinga estuary.


View of sea from Glenelg cafe

For the remainder of our stay in Adelaide, Maggie and I rented an apartment in Glenelg, just back from Moseley Square. Last couple of times we’d been there our favourite perch had been the Starbucks in Moseley Square, where we could sit and look out over the square and the sea. As with most of the rest of Australia, Starbucks had disappeared, but another really nice cafe had just opened in the same place, so we got to enjoy the same view with even better coffee.

glenelg beach from coffee shop

Another use of the coloured grad filter, adding a little more blue to the sky.

Horizon ship

Ship is probably headed into Wallaroo. In opposition to yesterday’s shot, this one had huge numbers of adjustments, to highlight the blue and green sea differences, bring out the silhouette of the ship and then balance it all. Ended up with two grad filters, one dragged down from top right and one from bottom left, the former to darken the sky and highlight the ship at the edge of dark and light; the latter to brighten the rocks at the bottom of the shot and highlight the sea. Turned out ok I think.

horizon ship

Me and my squid

After leaving the Coorong, we drove up to my sister’s place in Wallaroo for a few days’ visit. My brother-in-law wanted to teach me how to fish so we went out in his boat several times. I never caught the whiting we were after but this was my first squid. We ended up pulling in about a dozen in one patch: they were delicious and kept us and my nephew’s family fed for a while.

me and my squid

I promise not to inflict shots of me on you again for a long time.

Looking out, looking back

No more posts until Friday so two pics today. The first from the end of our Doubtful Sound cruise, looking out to sea

looking out

and the second, looking back into Doubtful Sound.

looking back

Easy to see why Cook thought it doubtful that he could get back out if he sailed into the sound.

Bird trail

A fishing boat is headed home at speed. On deck, a man is cleaning the catch and chucking bits over the side. Following the boat is a long trail of birds looking for their next free meal.

Bird trail


Finger stick

Looking like a finger pointing out to sea.

Finger stick

Petrified forest

At Curio Bay in New Zealand, a petrified forest lies at the edge of the sea:

petrified forest sign

You can see the fallen logs a lot better from the top of the cliff. They’d been carried in by a flood and quickly (over a period of weeks) underwent silicification before decay.

petrified forest

Seaweed snowscape?

This pic is of the foam from a wave hitting the beach at Waipapa Point and covering the rocks and seaweed. Looks like a snowscape viewed from above.

seaweed snowscape


This shot shows why there is so much seaweed washed up on the beach at Waipapa Point.

Waipapa Point waves

Penguin emerging

Also from Penguin Place outside Dunedin, we were in a hide down near the beach and were lucky enough to see a penguin coming out of the sea after a fishing trip. It came out a little way then stood sunning itself. The wings are raised to expose as much surface area to the sun as possible. It later headed in to the dunes to its nest and chick.

penguin emerging

and a close crop to show the penguin itself better

penguin close up