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My new term for this type of image: rockscape. These close-ups of rocks with enhanced colouring and shading makes them look like alien or, at least, abstract landscapes. I’m hooked on doing these; I love them. I spent ages last night working on these five:

rock scapes 1

rock scapes 2

rock scapes 3

rock scapes 4

rock scapes 5

The rocks have eyes

which, I believe, are actually cockles.

the rocks have eyes

This is one of those very few pictures that needed no enhancement at all. Anything I might have done would have wrecked the balance. It isn’t a great shot in terms of subject matter, not one I would add to a portfolio, but the crop, colour balance and lighting are just right.

Rock pool canyon

Held the camera down very low to this rock pool and shot along the water. The rocks are about eighteen inches high.

Rock pool canyon

I made the usual corrections to enhance the picture but also dragged a graduated filter with lowered exposure down from the top right corner to the middle of the shot.

Have I mentioned that I like shooting rock pools? Smile

Troll hand?

I liked the arrangement of rocks and water and it was only when I finished tweaking the values that I noticed that the rock in the top left of the picture looked like a hand with forefinger extended and rest of fingers curled into palm. Weird.

Maybe one of Terry Pratchett’s trolls, trying his hand at trout tickling.

troll hand

I thought of brightening just the hand to make it stand out but like the way it is only barely is realised.


This shot looked ok, the shapes and arrangements of the rocks looked good but were a little boring. I wanted to bring some drama to the picture so played around with the Lightroom sliders, mostly the light curve. It ended up looking ok but looked better in greyscale.

just rocks

Still not wonderful. I guess some shots cannot be made great ones though I still feel it could be better. Any ideas?

Orange thing/stuff

I liked the look of the orange at the centre of this photograph of rocks on a beach north of Wallaroo so cropped close and started modifying to bring out the best image. It was only when I’d finished that I realised I had no idea what the picture was of!

unidentified thing

I’m pretty sure the orange stuff is rock but it looks organic, almost like guts spilled out. It is set in rock (or concrete?) that is almost semi-circular: that doesn’t look natural, does it?. And what makes it so fluorescent. I then went back to the unenhanced original pic:

unidentified thing, context

but that doesn’t help much except to show, perhaps, more orange staining below the weird stuff. Or is that a trick of the light.

These beaches have a lot of stuff left over from the copper mining industry but most of that is green. I give up, any ideas?

River, rocks & steel

Stopped by a steel bridge on the way to Arthur’s Pass. I clambered down to the river and across the bridge to take some shots.

river and red rocks

That red moss was incredible.

bridge steelwork, river & red rocks

Hmm, think I needed to kill the vibrancy a little on this one to get realistic colours but I liked the way the deep red of the moss contrasted with the rust on the steel. I like the image.

rock swirl

I love this one, the way the curved striations around the bottom rock mirror the swirl of water above it in the river.

Grooved rocks

No idea how this was formed: sharply grooved hill face.

grooved rocks

Another one shot by Maggie from the side window as we were driving along.

Sharp rocks, blue water

Combination of very sharp rocks and glacial blue water.

rocky water

Loved the rock in the middle, so cropped to it.

pointed rock

Not much sign of weathering here, yet.

Looking out, looking back

No more posts until Friday so two pics today. The first from the end of our Doubtful Sound cruise, looking out to sea

looking out

and the second, looking back into Doubtful Sound.

looking back

Easy to see why Cook thought it doubtful that he could get back out if he sailed into the sound.

Painted rocks abstract

Rock wall along edge of Lake Manapouri, made abstract by increasing saturation and vibrancy.

painted rocks abstract

Weird but does show the wonderful range of colours in the rocks.