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Little rock made big

Fun pic. Shot low and looking up towards the hotels lining the beach at Glenelg.

Little rock made big

Almost looks like it is creeping up the beach Smile

Brightened rock

On the beach at Glenelg. I’ve heightened the colours of the rock to bring them out. Stunning.


I suppose this is less a photograph and more of a created image. The purist side of me tends to squirm when a photograph is pushed this far so as to make the image so much less a likeness of the object. I’ll just have to learn to let my artist side shove the purist out the way.

Rock tracks

I have no idea how these tracks in the rock formed but they were quite striking:

rock tracks

Mini Uluru

Shot on a beach north of Wallaroo. Maybe should be titled, ‘When I grow up, I want to be Uluru.’

Mini Uluru

Grass in rock

Simply that.

Grass in rock

I love the look of grasses and wanted to see how I could enhance this image to make the grass stand out. Played with lots of settings on this one and added a graduated filter to the background to reduce its brightness. Mildly successful I think.

Sea set rock

Like a jewel in a ring, the sea has set this rock into its driftwood setting:

sea set rock

Four patterned rocks

found on a beach with rich dark sand.

Patterned rock 1  Patterned rock 2

Patterned rock 3  Patterned rock 4


Rock waves

Back to my favourite sort of photograph: textures and patterns. This one looks like waves in the rock.

rock waves

Could almost be of tree bark.

Abstract rock

A very colourful entry, today. This is a rock I photographed on a walk to Kea Point at Aoraki in NZ. In Lightroom, I’ve close-cropped it then boosted the clarity, vibrance and saturation dramatically. I then adjusted the colours to try to balance the overall effect (blue, for example, tends to dominate if pushed too far).

Love the result; hope you do too.

Abstract rock

(Looks a little washed out in the blog. It is better in Flickr in presentation view (click on image above then again on the one in Flickr.)