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This one took a lot of work and  was worth it if only for the learning experience. I liked the combination of waves and ripples in the original photograph but there were too many blown reflections. This crop was about the only one worth working on. I’d been trying to brush the blown highlights out but that never seemed to work so I dragged a grad filter up and was surprised when that brought a better integration of the highlights to the rest of the picture.


Still an interesting shot, I think. I like the way some of the ripples are like wispy clouds floating above the rocks.

The rocks have eyes

which, I believe, are actually cockles.

the rocks have eyes

This is one of those very few pictures that needed no enhancement at all. Anything I might have done would have wrecked the balance. It isn’t a great shot in terms of subject matter, not one I would add to a portfolio, but the crop, colour balance and lighting are just right.

Rock pool canyon

Held the camera down very low to this rock pool and shot along the water. The rocks are about eighteen inches high.

Rock pool canyon

I made the usual corrections to enhance the picture but also dragged a graduated filter with lowered exposure down from the top right corner to the middle of the shot.

Have I mentioned that I like shooting rock pools? Smile


I loved the shape of the ripples in the sand in this rock pool so enhanced the shot to try and enhance the ripples:


It was only when I then zoomed in on the middle portion that I saw the wonderfully striated colours in the water:

Ripples, close up

This has become one of my favourite shots.

Troll hand?

I liked the arrangement of rocks and water and it was only when I finished tweaking the values that I noticed that the rock in the top left of the picture looked like a hand with forefinger extended and rest of fingers curled into palm. Weird.

Maybe one of Terry Pratchett’s trolls, trying his hand at trout tickling.

troll hand

I thought of brightening just the hand to make it stand out but like the way it is only barely is realised.

Rock pool with white branchy seaweed

Another rock pool, this one with a white seaweed

Rock pool with white branchy thing

Seaweed soup

Very small rock pool, like a bowl of seaweed soup

seaweed soup