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Ferry across the Murray

Driving from Adelaide to the Coorong, we stopped for lunch at a pub on the banks of the Murray where I took this pic of a ferry.

ferry across the murray


Something even older than me. Popeye has been a feature of the River Torrens in Adelaide from as far back as I can remember.


NZ bridge

I don’t now if anyone has ever calculated the number of bridges per mile of road for countries but, if so, I’d bet that New Zealand is up near the top of that list. This is one of the first that we came across during this last trip to NZ. It set the tone for half of the rest of our pictures: bridge, river, trees, mountains.

NZ bridge 1

and a zoom-in on the bridge itself.

NZ bridge 2

Whoever lives in that house at the top has a hell of a climb down to their boat. Also, note the water level marks on the bridge pontoons!

River and hills

Panorama (six vertical shots stitched together using Microsoft ICE) of river and hills outside Hanmer Springs in New Zealand.

River and hills

Clicking on the picture goes to Flickr where there’s a 4096px wide version.

Really must get to NZ in the early spring when valleys like this will be filled with glacial meltwater.

River, rocks & steel

Stopped by a steel bridge on the way to Arthur’s Pass. I clambered down to the river and across the bridge to take some shots.

river and red rocks

That red moss was incredible.

bridge steelwork, river & red rocks

Hmm, think I needed to kill the vibrancy a little on this one to get realistic colours but I liked the way the deep red of the moss contrasted with the rust on the steel. I like the image.

rock swirl

I love this one, the way the curved striations around the bottom rock mirror the swirl of water above it in the river.

Mt White bridge over Waimakariri River

As the title says, this is the Mount White bridge over the Waimakariri River in New Zealand, a side excursion while we were driving to Arthur’s Pass.

Mt White bridge

While looking for links, though, I came across this 1913 photograph of the bridge showing the building of the railway line:

The Mount White bridge over the Waimakariri River near Cass

If I’d known about this pic, I would have taken my own photograph on the other side of the river.

Riverbank tree

This shot is of a tree on the opposite bank from where we were in yesterday’s pic, still at the Clifden Suspension Bridge. Nothing special, just liked the shot.


Wondered if cropping on the tree only would be better.

Tree crop

Nope, think I prefer the fuller shot.