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Follow the leader

Was playing around with grad filters to highlight the line of people walking along the beach.

follow the leader

Nope. Don’t think I like that one.


Shot around the Onkaparinga estuary.



Today’s photograph is also from the set I took in Nottingham two days ago. I was in Clumber Street, near the Victoria Centre looking down the street. For those who don’t know Nottingham, this is a pedestrianised street that seems to be permanently heaving with people moving between the city centre and the Victoria Centre. The shot is a very close crop.


It is not an especially good photograph, technically speaking, and there is little to be done to it in the way of adjustment to make it more compelling. But I like the way your eye is drawn to the bald white guy in the centre foreground. It even works having the back of someone’s head in the immediate foreground as it stops you seeing anything distracting there.

You then see the slightly unfocussed, pensive looking woman behind the bald guy and then notice the woman in sunglasses on the middle left who seems to be looking directly at the camera. Then, is the bald guy also looking at the camera? No. His eyes are not quite directed at the lens; he isn’t really seeing anything specific, I think. The large unfocussed guy front right never seems to hold your attention, nor the shiny bald head of the black guy centre right, even with his bright purple shirt (I vignetted the shot a little to kill the attraction of that purple).

My final thought was, how did I get such dramatic motion shake on the guy in the left middle with the dark shirt when all he is doing is looking at his mobile phone? What was he doing?

So, not a great shot but it held my interest for some time. That is why I’ve added it here.