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River and hills

Panorama (six vertical shots stitched together using Microsoft ICE) of river and hills outside Hanmer Springs in New Zealand.

River and hills

Clicking on the picture goes to Flickr where there’s a 4096px wide version.

Really must get to NZ in the early spring when valleys like this will be filled with glacial meltwater.

Franz Josef glacier

We walked up to the Franz Josef glacier. Took a long time but well worth the walk.  The pictures don’t do it justice. First a panorama (with larger image on Flickr)

Franz Josef glacier pano

and then a close up

Franz Josef glacier


Vertical pano of waterfall

Vertical stitching (using Microsoft ICE) of six shots of a waterfall. It is the top of the stream in yesterday’s shot.

waterfall panorama

Love the luscious green moss along the bottom right side rocks. Again, there is a higher resolution image on Flickr – just click the pic.

Extreme panorama

This shot needs a lot of fixing because of the stitching artefacts left behind, especially visible in the sky, but I just love the razor sharpness of the mountain ridges in New Zealand. This is a panorama of 12 images. Would certainly take a lot to print and display!

long ridge

Click on the image to go to Flickr for the 4096 px wide version. The original is 33612 px wide.

Riverton panorama

This is a panorama compiled using i2k Quickage of seven shots of the estuary at Riverton in New Zealand. We stayed there for four days in a lovely self-catered house (JC’s Beach House). One place we visited several times was Mores Reserve, taking several walks up there. This panorama was taken from the Coastal Loop walk.

riverton panorama

Panoramas of a ridge

The following two pictures are both panoramas built from the same six photographs of a ridge in New Zealand. The first was created using i2k Quickage which crops to give you the largest normal image and the second using Microsoft ICE which lets you build an image of all the shots regardless of panning movement. Both were then adjusted in Lightroom.

Ridge panorama

Ridge panorama 2

I think I prefer the second. I’d like to print three or four chunks of them and arrange them going down some stairs. Need to find the money to afford a good A3+ printer first, though!