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Steep descent

This is the last of the pics from our trip to Aus/NZ with which I started this series of experiments with Lightroom on April 1. And the last of my ‘Pic a Day’ category. I’m going to start the 750 words ‘challenge’ to get my self back into writing. This will be my morning exercise for the next few months but will not be posted here. So, these postings will become less frequent though I intend to continue posting art progress (when I resume progressing that is: I’ve been buried in work for Surface Gallery recently; more about that later).

So, far from the best, but, last of the pics (for now):

steep descent

NZ bridge

I don’t now if anyone has ever calculated the number of bridges per mile of road for countries but, if so, I’d bet that New Zealand is up near the top of that list. This is one of the first that we came across during this last trip to NZ. It set the tone for half of the rest of our pictures: bridge, river, trees, mountains.

NZ bridge 1

and a zoom-in on the bridge itself.

NZ bridge 2

Whoever lives in that house at the top has a hell of a climb down to their boat. Also, note the water level marks on the bridge pontoons!

River and hills

Panorama (six vertical shots stitched together using Microsoft ICE) of river and hills outside Hanmer Springs in New Zealand.

River and hills

Clicking on the picture goes to Flickr where there’s a 4096px wide version.

Really must get to NZ in the early spring when valleys like this will be filled with glacial meltwater.

From the road

Couple of the shots that Maggie took from the car window. Her own camera battery died only a couple of days after we got to Australia. So, although it was heavy and difficult for her to manage, she decided to give my camera a try. I thought I wasn’t going to get it back. With the ability to shoot almost as soon as it is turned on and be ready for the next shot straight away, she loved using it and used it all the time from the car window. Even pinched it off me to get favourite shots outside as well. Says a lot for the balance of the camera that even someone with her problems can manage it though she could never carry it around herself.

These two were shot on the road to Arthur’s Pass. This first one shows the typical bare hills you see in NZ (overly manipulated to highlight this).

bare hills

And this one, the line of low cloud we were heading into.

cloudy ahead

New Zealand landscape

Yes, I know half my photographs so far could have that title, but just liked this picture as having the typical elements of the NZ landscape: cabbage trees in the foreground, lake in the middle ground, mountains in the background.

new zealand landscape

Extreme panorama

This shot needs a lot of fixing because of the stitching artefacts left behind, especially visible in the sky, but I just love the razor sharpness of the mountain ridges in New Zealand. This is a panorama of 12 images. Would certainly take a lot to print and display!

long ridge

Click on the image to go to Flickr for the 4096 px wide version. The original is 33612 px wide.