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Pelican landing

Shots of a pelican landing on perch in Lake Albert:

Pelican landing 1 Pelican landing 2

Approach alongside his mates, then, landing gear down.

Pelican landing 3 Pelican landing 4

Touchdown, balance and store the wings while ignoring the neighbours’ comments.

Pelican landing 5

Then get down to some preening.


in Meningie on Lake Albert.


Fiddled with this quite a lot, trying to get the jetty to stand out more. In the end, I had to increase the warmer colours of the jetty to make it stand out against the muddy green of the water. Still doesn’t completely work and I’m not sure why.

New Zealand landscape

Yes, I know half my photographs so far could have that title, but just liked this picture as having the typical elements of the NZ landscape: cabbage trees in the foreground, lake in the middle ground, mountains in the background.

new zealand landscape

Windsurfer & driftwood

Again on the drive to Wanaka, we stopped at a lake. The wind was really blowing a gale there, so much so that even the windsurfers were packing it in:


But the lake beach had some wonderful driftwood lying around. I brought back a few pieces but there was so much more (so much bigger) that I would have like to keep. This is a close crop of one piece with artfully arranged stones:

driftwood & stones

Not completely in focus but the wind made it difficult to stand still, let alone keep the camera steady.

Across Frankton Arm

From our house, high up in Queenstown, looking out across the Frankton Arm of Lake Wakatipu to Kelvin Heights.

Across Frankton Arm

Off the bow

Coming up to the power station on Lake Manapouri.

Off the bow