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Ship loading grain at Wallaroo jetty

Yes, I know that I’ve shown this ship and the jetty before but this is a different angle – shot from the beach. What the hell, I like the shot.

Ship loading grain at Wallaroo jetty

Wallaroo swimming pool

Part of the town every kid knows, the local pool is a netted off area of the sea, adjacent to the jetty.

Wallaroo swimming pool 2

and a wider view from further up the jetty.

Wallaroo swimming pool 1

In the background is the preserved, last remaining chimney from the old smelting stacks, square shaped in the Cornish tradition. And I just found this shot from the old days:

Smelter chimneys at Wallaroo

Even in this shot, the big Hughes Stack stands out. Click on the image to be taken to the SA Memory page describing the photograph and giving information about the smelting era.

Silos, conveyor belt and cormorants

This shot shows the underside of the massive conveyor belt from Wallaroo’s grain silo complex to the jetty where the grain is loaded onto ships (see yesterday’s pic). The support structure is used by hundreds of cormorants for roosting.

Silos, conveyor belt and cormorants

And a wider shot:

Silos, conveyor belt and cormorants

Both shot in the evening.

Ship docked at Wallaroo

behind a security fence. At sunset.

ship docked at Wallaroo

Fiddled quite a bit with this shot but still not satisfied. Doesn’t quite come together but I’m not sure why. Changing the crop makes it worse. Changing one setting upsets others. Just not the right shot, I guess. Shame about the fence.

Jetty fishing

Couple of blokes fishing off a jetty near Wallaroo, North Beach possibly (I really could do with a GPS in my camera).

jetty fishing

I dragged a graduated filter down over the sky and top of the jetty to enhance the blueness of the sky but the way it has made the guys slightly silhouette-like is nice. For a pretty ordinary photo, I like the way this has turned out.


in Meningie on Lake Albert.


Fiddled with this quite a lot, trying to get the jetty to stand out more. In the end, I had to increase the warmer colours of the jetty to make it stand out against the muddy green of the water. Still doesn’t completely work and I’m not sure why.