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Follow the leader

Was playing around with grad filters to highlight the line of people walking along the beach.

follow the leader

Nope. Don’t think I like that one.


Fisherman focussed on his fishing from a walkway over the Onkaparinga River up from Port Noarlunga.

Unconcerned 1

Unconcerned 2

Unconcerned 3

Jetty fishing

Couple of blokes fishing off a jetty near Wallaroo, North Beach possibly (I really could do with a GPS in my camera).

jetty fishing

I dragged a graduated filter down over the sky and top of the jetty to enhance the blueness of the sky but the way it has made the guys slightly silhouette-like is nice. For a pretty ordinary photo, I like the way this has turned out.

Me and my squid

After leaving the Coorong, we drove up to my sister’s place in Wallaroo for a few days’ visit. My brother-in-law wanted to teach me how to fish so we went out in his boat several times. I never caught the whiting we were after but this was my first squid. We ended up pulling in about a dozen in one patch: they were delicious and kept us and my nephew’s family fed for a while.

me and my squid

I promise not to inflict shots of me on you again for a long time.

Bird trail

A fishing boat is headed home at speed. On deck, a man is cleaning the catch and chucking bits over the side. Following the boat is a long trail of birds looking for their next free meal.

Bird trail