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Well, this prat is keeping up his ESWC record. Those who remember the multi-coloured eyes I was sporting on return from Tenerife and ESWC 2008 will not be surprised to learn that I’ve taken another tumble over here. Nowhere near as serious this time. Was walking along the plastic pathing spread along the beach (shingle) between the hotel Maggie and I are staying in and the one the conference is held in and went to give way to someone carrying a couple of glasses, tripped on the broken plastic strips and went sprawling. Scraped up hands and knees with right knee bloodied but nothing serious – one plaster and no concussion! Hopefully will make it back to the UK in one piece with no more pratfalls.

Semantic Wikis

I’m typing this up sitting at a poolside bar with a glass of Mythos (local beer, very nice, but served in Stella glasses!). Could almost be on holiday – well, except for being the dork with a laptop open and having only two weeks to get an outline proposal written up which not only satisfies all the partners to the bid but is attractive to funders. Still – bit nicer view than the window out the AstroGrid basement at Leicester.

Was in the Semantic Wiki Workshop today (Monday 1st – our anniversary btw – in case I get this posted late) which I wanted to attend because the JISC Semantic Technologies Working Group will be discussing how it moves forward after I get back and one item on the agenda will be to set up a wiki for ourselves. Would be only appropriate for us to ‘eat our own dogfood‘.

There were several interesting presentations and it sort of narrowed down the ideas for platforms to use. The most obvious is of course Semantic MediaWiki: it is the oldest (AFAIK) and certainly the most well known (which might be why there were no presentations on it, only one extension to it). KiWi looks pretty good (and not just because of the antipodean name and icon). AceWiki uses a controlled natural language but I found the idea of a ‘controlled wiki’ something of a contradiction in terms. KnowWE looks quite extensible and is based on the popular JSPwiki platform.

I think I’ll look further into KiWi and KnowWE: see if either are available for deployment outside their projects and how stable they are right now. Otherwise it’ll probably be Semantic MediaWiki.

Note to self: look at how KnowWE are synching with JSPWiki: if and how often and how conflicts are handled.

Really tagged

I’ve just been RFIDed. At ESWC the Tagora project is providing RFID badges which people can link to their social system usernames (delicious, Flickr, Facebook etc). Everyone is shown on a map, you can find people with similar interests etc,  by going to the page.

Wireless here is dire so won’t be saying much.

Old age or common sense?

I’m just waiting for a taxi to take me to the airport to fly to Crete for the ESWC 2009 meeting… and I really do not want to go. The hotel looks okay, am really looking forward to exploring Knossos tomorrow but, frankly, I’d rather stay at home, get some work done, read the three books I had delivered yesterday (Spinoza: A Life, Lavinia, The Little Stranger) and sleep in my own bed. In fact, right now, I’d like to work on a WordPress addin that provided links to phrases that you type!!

So, am I just getting old and curmudgeonly (well, more so) or just realising that the vast majority of what I do at the other end of my travels could be achieved just as well at home: yes, except for meeting and talking to people, which I’ve found really valuable at past meetings – ok, I guess I am just getting old and curmudgeonly!