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Emu crossing

Just as we were leaving Coorong Wilderness Lodge, heading to the road, this fella started across the track in front of us. I grabbed the camera and shot quickly, hoping the gear was set correctly. Didn’t get the best of shots but worth seeing anyway.

Emu crossing 1

Emu crossing 2 Emu crossing 3 Emu crossing 4

Emu crossing 5 Emu crossing 6 Emu crossing 7

Nice capture of its leg movement while running, if nothing else.

Pink waters

Driving from Meningie back to Coorong Wilderness Lodge, we passed this section of field alongside the road which has flooded with pink water.

Pink waters

I upped the contrast, boosted the highlights and lowered the shadows in the curve, and then lowered the luminance of most colours in the shot. Finally set a graduated filter over the top half of the shot with lowered brightness  so that the sky matched the tone of the water. Quite pleased with the shot.

The pinkness comes from an alga in the water which produces carotene. On the way down to the Coorong we passed a lake of it, less intense than this stretch but I had taken a photo of a sign explaining the colouration.

Pink lake notice

Coorong road

Driving from Meningie back to the Coorong Wilderness Lodge. Both sides of the road were flooded as the water moved back into the Coorong after years of it being deprived by usage upriver (the Murray).

On the right,

Coorong road side 1

the left,

Coorong road side 2

and straight down the middle:

Coorong road side 3

Here is an article on the rise in the Coorong waters.

More pelicans

and one seagull:


and one pelican in flight:

Pelican 1 Pelican 2 Pelican 3

and coming in to land:

Pelican 4

Bigger pics, as ever, on Flickr.

Pelicans and cormorants

on the Coorong.

Pelicans and cormorants

Heading home

Birds flying home over the Coorong.

heading home

The colours are mostly artificial. I warmed and tinted the scene in Lightroom as well as boosting the blue of the sky. I like the contrast of the bright highlights and dark undersides of the clouds but the birds needed to be bigger to make the photo a success, I think. Maybe should have selectively un-warmed the foreground grass: looks a little muddy in tone. Ah well, lessons learned.

Coorong Wilderness Lodge

Couple more shots from Coorong Wilderness Lodge, the main visitor centre:

Visitor Centre

and the unit we stayed in:

Our unit

Great design, with the pointed ‘bow’ of the unit having full length glass and sliding doors on each side.

Coorong nature tour

We stayed three nights at the Coorong Wilderness Lodge, guests of the Ngarrindjeri people. The units were fantastic; clean and comfortable and designed so that you got the best views over the water. On our first full day, we went on a short nature tour. Our guide, Gordon, showed us native plants and explained their uses by his people.

Gordon 1

Gordon 2

Gordon 3

Sunset on the Coorong

Our first night staying down the Coorong and this was the view from the deck:

Sunset on the Coorong 1

You can just make out a couple of pelicans on the water.

Sunset on the Coorong 2

Apart from a little cropping, I found there was little I could do to either photo to improve them that didn’t make them look fake.