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Steep descent

This is the last of the pics from our trip to Aus/NZ with which I started this series of experiments with Lightroom on April 1. And the last of my ‘Pic a Day’ category. I’m going to start the 750 words ‘challenge’ to get my self back into writing. This will be my morning exercise for the next few months but will not be posted here. So, these postings will become less frequent though I intend to continue posting art progress (when I resume progressing that is: I’ve been buried in work for Surface Gallery recently; more about that later).

So, far from the best, but, last of the pics (for now):

steep descent

Me and my squid

After leaving the Coorong, we drove up to my sister’s place in Wallaroo for a few days’ visit. My brother-in-law wanted to teach me how to fish so we went out in his boat several times. I never caught the whiting we were after but this was my first squid. We ended up pulling in about a dozen in one patch: they were delicious and kept us and my nephew’s family fed for a while.

me and my squid

I promise not to inflict shots of me on you again for a long time.


Something even older than me. Popeye has been a feature of the River Torrens in Adelaide from as far back as I can remember.