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Silos, conveyor belt and cormorants

This shot shows the underside of the massive conveyor belt from Wallaroo’s grain silo complex to the jetty where the grain is loaded onto ships (see yesterday’s pic). The support structure is used by hundreds of cormorants for roosting.

Silos, conveyor belt and cormorants

And a wider shot:

Silos, conveyor belt and cormorants

Both shot in the evening.

Pelican landing

Shots of a pelican landing on perch in Lake Albert:

Pelican landing 1 Pelican landing 2

Approach alongside his mates, then, landing gear down.

Pelican landing 3 Pelican landing 4

Touchdown, balance and store the wings while ignoring the neighbours’ comments.

Pelican landing 5

Then get down to some preening.

More pelicans

and one seagull:


and one pelican in flight:

Pelican 1 Pelican 2 Pelican 3

and coming in to land:

Pelican 4

Bigger pics, as ever, on Flickr.

Heading home

Birds flying home over the Coorong.

heading home

The colours are mostly artificial. I warmed and tinted the scene in Lightroom as well as boosting the blue of the sky. I like the contrast of the bright highlights and dark undersides of the clouds but the birds needed to be bigger to make the photo a success, I think. Maybe should have selectively un-warmed the foreground grass: looks a little muddy in tone. Ah well, lessons learned.

Seagull print

Last night I went to the first of six sessions in an introduction to printmaking course at Leicester Print Workshop. Our first lesson was in drypoint. We’d been asked to take along some sketches or ideas so I printed out a load of photographs that I thought might translate. I thought the one of a seagull (posted here on 27-Apr) would be easiest for me to complete yet give an interesting print, with this as the result.

seagull print

I have to say that I made a real mess with the ink and stuff and scratching out the image onto the plastic made my hand sore but the thrill of seeing the image revealed after running it through the press is really wonderful. I’m really looking forward to the rest of the course.

And maybe next time I’ll remember that the image comes out reversed and will reverse all my photographs first Winking smile

Bird trail

A fishing boat is headed home at speed. On deck, a man is cleaning the catch and chucking bits over the side. Following the boat is a long trail of birds looking for their next free meal.

Bird trail