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Follow the leader

Was playing around with grad filters to highlight the line of people walking along the beach.

follow the leader

Nope. Don’t think I like that one.


Shot around the Onkaparinga estuary.



Fisherman focussed on his fishing from a walkway over the Onkaparinga River up from Port Noarlunga.

Unconcerned 1

Unconcerned 2

Unconcerned 3

Seagull drinking

at bowl set out for dogs along the beachfront.

Seagull drinking

Used three slightly coloured graduated filters on the right, top left and bottom left to isolate the bird a little more.

Little rock made big

Fun pic. Shot low and looking up towards the hotels lining the beach at Glenelg.

Little rock made big

Almost looks like it is creeping up the beach Smile

Brightened rock

On the beach at Glenelg. I’ve heightened the colours of the rock to bring them out. Stunning.


I suppose this is less a photograph and more of a created image. The purist side of me tends to squirm when a photograph is pushed this far so as to make the image so much less a likeness of the object. I’ll just have to learn to let my artist side shove the purist out the way.

View of sea from Glenelg cafe

For the remainder of our stay in Adelaide, Maggie and I rented an apartment in Glenelg, just back from Moseley Square. Last couple of times we’d been there our favourite perch had been the Starbucks in Moseley Square, where we could sit and look out over the square and the sea. As with most of the rest of Australia, Starbucks had disappeared, but another really nice cafe had just opened in the same place, so we got to enjoy the same view with even better coffee.

glenelg beach from coffee shop

Another use of the coloured grad filter, adding a little more blue to the sky.

Wallaroo swimming pool

Part of the town every kid knows, the local pool is a netted off area of the sea, adjacent to the jetty.

Wallaroo swimming pool 2

and a wider view from further up the jetty.

Wallaroo swimming pool 1

In the background is the preserved, last remaining chimney from the old smelting stacks, square shaped in the Cornish tradition. And I just found this shot from the old days:

Smelter chimneys at Wallaroo

Even in this shot, the big Hughes Stack stands out. Click on the image to be taken to the SA Memory page describing the photograph and giving information about the smelting era.

Red tipped succulents

All across the beaches north of Wallaroo (or are they some sort of seaweed?)

red tipped succulents

and a later close up:

red tipped succulents

Rock pool canyon

Held the camera down very low to this rock pool and shot along the water. The rocks are about eighteen inches high.

Rock pool canyon

I made the usual corrections to enhance the picture but also dragged a graduated filter with lowered exposure down from the top right corner to the middle of the shot.

Have I mentioned that I like shooting rock pools? Smile


I loved the shape of the ripples in the sand in this rock pool so enhanced the shot to try and enhance the ripples:


It was only when I then zoomed in on the middle portion that I saw the wonderfully striated colours in the water:

Ripples, close up

This has become one of my favourite shots.

Mini Uluru

Shot on a beach north of Wallaroo. Maybe should be titled, ‘When I grow up, I want to be Uluru.’

Mini Uluru