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Many mosses

How many mosses can you get in one patch of tree? No idea but this tree is going for it.

Many mosses

Flaky bark

Missed yesterday as I had an early appointment to get my right eye examined. Had drops added to both eyes to dilate them and then right one was also numbed so I wasn’t seeing too well for most of the day.

Back to trees and their bark for today’s photograph. Still in Riverton and Mores Reserve, but this time on the Coastal Lookout walk. It was a brighter day so less motion blur on the photographs.

This type of tree had seriously flaking bark (I wonder if that is some sort of evolutionary advantage). Lovely texture.

flaky bark

I’ve boosted saturation and vibrancy quite a bit. It looks all right in Lightroom and the browser but less good in Windows Explorer.

More bark

Tree bark seen on the Mores Reserve,  Coastal Loop walk.

More bark

I’m doing something wrong. Many of my other tree pictures from this walk are out of focus. I’m not sure if I need a higher speed or if I’m doing something else wrong. It was pretty dark  in those woods.


More bark from Sherwood Forest. The grey day had knocked out all the colour in this shot but Lightroom brought it back (perhaps too much?).


Amazing how much the picture changes from Lightroom to Flickr Uploader to Flickr and then to WP: maybe due to all the size changes?

White edges

Bark shot today from the Nottingham set shows some white edges. Looks like bark has been flaked off and some bluey white-ish stuff has come in. No idea, tree expert I am not.

I could not get this shot to come exactly right, no matter what adjustments I made in Lightroom. Still, looks ok.

White edges


Since I have (and probably will continue to) posted photographs of trees and their bark, I thought I would direct those interested to a posting on Brain Pickings that was tweeted a few days back. The posting was in Nov last year and is about a book called, simply, Bark: An Intimate Look at the World’s Trees by French photographer Cedric Pollet. There are samples of the photographs on the Brain Pickings page and they are truly gorgeous. Go look, go buy!

Mossy bark

Today’s pic is from Sherwood Forest where I went with my daughter a few weeks back for a walk and photography session. I love the natural textures and patterns in trees, rocks and nature in general. This shot is a close up of a tree trunk with its moss covered bark. I did little to this apart from increasing contrast a little and warming the bark colours to tone in with the green of the moss better.

sherwood tree