Monthly Archives: October 2015

Reduction linocut, part 1

I wanted to look at ways of planning a reduction linocut using art apps on the computer. I’ve previously done some prep in ArtRage using a rubber as a cutting tool into different layers of colour; all without actually translating the work into a print though – will try that again some time. No, this time, I had the idea of translating a B&W photograph into the cuts required for a reduction linocut with 4-5 layers of grey.

I started with a b&w version of a photograph I’d taken in Byron Bay, Queensland, of some sort of lizard, about 70cm or 80cm long, sunning itself after a deluge on the roof just opposite my motel unit. I was really hoping he wasn’t going to try coming into my room even though the motel owner had said they were harmless.


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