Australian Print Workshop

I visited Melbourne’s Australian Print Workshop on Thursday 26th February and was shown around by technician, Chris Ingham. Sadly Dianne Shannon, Deputy Director: Business Operations, with whom I’d organised the visit, was tied up with auditors and only had time for a quick hello. Chris did an admirable job of filling in.

The workshop is in easy reach, along the route of the number 86 tram:


The entrance leads into the impressive gallery space where the Impressions 2014 exhibition was coming to a close. This is a major part of the fundraising effort of APW with artists specifically making prints for the workshop to sell. These and many other prints are available to buy in APW’s online Printstore.


Behind the gallery is the workshop where there is an excellent range of presses for relief, etching and lithography work (including one large litho press still under wraps: APW had only just opened for the year):




as well as ancillary equipment:


All of these facilities are available to printmakers who can book a half or full day to work there. Full details of access are here. APW does not operate a membership system so any artist can make use of the workshop.

Upstairs is a custom printing workshop which was unfortunately not open while I was there. Artists will work with APW printmakers to realise the piece they want to complete. Full details are here.

As I was leaving, Chris gave me a number of brochures which document some of the work of APW and the Collie Print Trust in advancing the practice of printmaking through scholarships and fellowships; these efforts are certainly impressive in their scope and reach. They are explained further on the website.

I want to thank Diane for inviting me to visit APW and Chris for taking the time to show me around.

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