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Agave Print Studio

Dianne Longley is one of those people with connections so extensive that it seems every printmaker in Australia knows her. When mentioning to Tess Edwards at Baldessin that I was from Adelaide, she told me that Dianne had had a studio there for many years but had recently moved and just this year opened a new studio at Trentham, north-east of Ballarat. I was lucky enough to find that Dianne would be able to see me on the day that I left Melbourne for Ballarat and so I turned up at Agave Print Studio on Friday 27th Feb.


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Australian Print Workshop

I visited Melbourne’s Australian Print Workshop on Thursday 26th February and was shown around by technician, Chris Ingham. Sadly Dianne Shannon, Deputy Director: Business Operations, with whom I’d organised the visit, was tied up with auditors and only had time for a quick hello. Chris did an admirable job of filling in.

The workshop is in easy reach, along the route of the number 86 tram:


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