Surface Pro 3

I was intending to write a post about the prints I’ve been working on for the last couple of weeks (and planning for at least a year) but hit a problem. That problem was that I bought a new Surface Pro 3 and, it being a shiny new toy, didn’t want to use anything else to write the post. Past blog posts have mostly been written on a Macbook Pro using MarsEdit, the best blogging app I’ve seen. Others were written on our family desktop computer using Windows Live Writer on Win7. So, I installed Live Writer on the SP3: really dire. The default font size is 7pt and changing it to the 14pt used on the website crams all the lines together; no idea why it is so bad on Win8.

I dug around on the web for a better blogging app and there don’t seem to be many around, and none in the Windows App Store. Then I found a comment on a blog complaining about Live Writer’s Win8 problems saying that Word now incorporates all the features of Live Writer. Just have to select Blog Post from the new document list of templates. So that is what I am doing here to try it out, before taking my daughter’s advice and using the WordPress online posting capability.

First, I’ll try to insert a picture, if I can find one on this machine since I’ve screwed up network drive mapping. (Actually, skip that, found out how to delete an existing mapping from command line.)

And, since it has the option in the toolbar, a table:

One Two Three
Four Five Seven
Nine Eleven Twenty

Only thing I cannot see how to do is to set tags. Oh well, lets see how it looks anyway.

Posted on November 28, 2014, in Tech. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. Setting category failed and it didn’t ask for a tag but the post looks ok. Maybe save to Drafts in future and fix category and tags there before publishing. Table not too clever either.

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