pp14-15: nil posse creari de nilo

Here are pages 14-15 of Loeb’s De Rerum Natura from which I have extracted the key phrase of ‘nil posse creari de nilo’, ‘nothing can be created from nothing’ (which even Julie Andrews understood). All I had to do was figure out how to illustrate nothing coming from nothing.

The corollary to that statement is that something always comes from something, i.e. that anything new is created from other things already existing, not out of nothing by divine intervention, and this is what Lucretius wants to emphasise. 

I chose to illustrate this fairly simply, with abstract shapes and primary colours, which have mainly disintegrated to form shapes of secondary, tertiary etc colours. 

De Rerum 7

I did try to use an app that I’d not used before but could not find one that would allow me to paint with colours and then erase them in a manner that suggested decay. Only Procreate had an eraser that could take on many forms (or might be edited into new forms). All the colours were built up in layers using either charcoal or paintbrush forms and then selectively erased using two forms of eraser. I have to say that I do love the way in which brushes (including the eraser) can be edited in Procreate. I can see that I’m going to find it difficult to use apps apart from this and ArtRage.

[And, yes, the primary yellow shape represents the sun (or, stars in general), from which all other elements derive, so is not as ‘destroyed’ as much as the other primary coloured shapes of red and blue. It might have been better representative if the whole base layer had been yellow and only lightly broken up, but the image would have been less ‘right’ for me.]

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