pp 12-13: bound by religion

Here are pages 12-13 of Loeb’s De Rerum Natura that I have illustrated (the right word in this case: this image owes more to illustration than art). The theme of religious superstition continues, talking about how men fail to defy the priests because of their fear of everlasting punishment after death.

I saw this as a web of fear that we construct for ourselves and into which we are enmeshed. So, the spider’s web as part of the image came quickly. It was only after drawing the web that I thought of tying Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man into the web. It seemed appropriate to contrast the web of superstition with an iconic image from one of humanity’s greatest thinkers and artists. What we might be if we could escape that web: which we can do with the help of Epicurus’ philosophy.

De Rerum 6

This has again been produced using ArtRage using the roller for the grey background and the fine marker tool for the web and Vitruvian Man. Both the web and the men were copied by importing photographs first and tracing over them.

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