pp 10-11 murderous outcome of superstition

This is the fourth set of pages from Loeb’s De Rerum Natura that I’ve worked on. It includes a description of what happens when people fall under the spell of religious superstition. Believing that Artemis has stranded the Greek fleet waiting to sail to Troy, Agamemnon sacrifices his daughter, Iphigenia, to appease her.

I can think of no more appropriate example of the stupidity of religious infatuation unless it is the story of Abraham intending to do the same to his son, Isaac. It took me along time to think of an image appropriate to this rage I felt and, in the end, I failed. I spent a long time trying to draw a sword with blood running down it in a form that resembled a girl’s hair. If I could have done justice to such an image, I might have persisted, but eventually gave up and went with this one of blood running down over the page. In a way, I think it might work even better. The brush strokes at the top do resemble the curling of a girl’s hair but aren’t too obvious. And having it run down makes it look almost as if it is pouring down from heaven and flooding the earth. If there are any gods, they would surely weep tears of blood at the way humans vent their own blood lust in their names.

De Rerum 5

The image was created in ArtRage with the square oil paint brush.

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