pp 8-9: religious superstition

This is the fourth set of pages from Loeb’s De Rerum Natura that I’ve ‘adorned’. [Not sure what word is appropriate there; ‘illustrated’ would indicate that the text is left undisturbed whereas I’m definitely disturbing it, especially today; ‘ornamented’ too prissy; ’embellished’ implies I’m making them more beautiful; ‘adorned’ sounds too fancy but might be the nearest.]

This page touches on the debunking of religious superstition: that the world and its construction & phenomena are adequately explained by what we would call science, i.e. observation and deduction. I used a figure that I played around with some time ago. It began life as the Minotaur’s head and morphed into a much more stylised version of that. I thought it would suit here since the sacrifice of bulls is central to many ancient religions as a means of pacifying the gods.

Having the figure, I then tried a number of ways of adding it to the text with colouring the text, adding other figures etc. In the end, it seemed more appropriate to simply black out the text and carve the figure from that. Semi-fortuitously, the word ‘superstition’ was then revealed.

De Rerum 4

This one was created in ArtRage with a layer filled in with black added over the page and then the figure exposed using the eraser set to maximum hardness. The eyes and mouth were added using the chalk/pastel tool in another layer.

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