pp 6-7: atoms

The third set of pages in this project, pp 6-7 of De Rerum Natura. This extract contains the first mention by Lucretius of ‘rerum primordia’, the ‘first-beginnings of things’: atoms. This concept is one of the parts of this work that I love most – from thought only, Epicurus (and forerunners) derived the nature of the universe as being composed of tiny particles in empty space. Later we get ideas such as elements, compounds and more of physics and chemistry. Truly marvellous.

This image is simple but took longer than the two before combined. I tried several approaches without success and settled on overlaying the pages with the latin words ‘et rerum primordia’ formed of atom-like blobs. Corny, I know, but I’m not yet artistic enough to make a better image for this debut of the theory of atoms.

De Rerum 3

The text was built using SimplyMPress, the wonderfully simplified version of LetterMPress (a Kickstarter-funded project of which I was a sponsor). The page and the text were combined using Procreate (page scan layer was dropped in opacity to make the text stand out).

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