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pp 4-5: abstract

The next pair of pages (pp 4-5) from De Rerum Natura have evoked an abstract image – derived, I think, from the image of Venus calming Mars:

De Rerum 2

This image was produced in ArtRage 3 fairly simply. I used only the oil painting brush with the above three colours, each colour in a separate frame and squared off using the eraser. This was the third attempt at such an image and, as might be expected, the simplest.

De Rerum Natura, p2-3

I’ve started another project. No idea how long it’ll last, almost certainly not through ’til the end.

I am going to annotate/illustrate each pair of pages of Lucretius’ De Rerum Natura as published in the Loeb Classical Library where the Latin text and English translation face each other. The methodology will be to scan each page pair, load the scanned image into one of my iPad art apps and overlay the page with some image that comes to mind.

The pitfalls are: I run out of steam after the first two or so images; I run out of ideas for images; my efforts are so woeful, even unto me, that I give up and erase these blog entries; Loeb sues my ass off (I’ll try to get a stack done then ask for permission: if they deny it, I’ll take everything down, but I want to have enough to show them first).

The first image is:

De Rerum 1

This image was produced in Procreate using three brushes: very thin Round Brush (in Painting set), Oceans brush (in Elements set) and a Carborundum brush which I created (in the Textures set) some time ago to plan and preview carborundum printmaking plates.

The actual image is 2000+px wide but I’ve scaled down the above and flickr images to protect my work and Loeb’s copyright.