iPad squares

I’ve been playing with ArtRage on the iPad, trying to get used to how the different tools work. There are LOTS of them. I tried doing something similar to the Kandinsky squares that I painted in class with Rod (see previous post). I tried a couple of times while on holiday in Scotland the last two weeks (it was soooo wet, I had lots of free time) but wasn’t happy with the results. This time worked better. It is even less like Kandinsky than my previous acrylic efforts and, believe it or not, took much longer, but I enjoyed the process. I wanted a restricted palette but there seemed no way to do this in the ArtRage toolset, so, in my first square, I loaded a limited set of colours and then used the colour picker to select the colour I wanted at any particular time. At the end, I erased those colours from the square and picked unblended colours from the other squares.


I’m going to have to do a lot more playing with the tools and features of those tools in ArtRage before I can produce decent paintings but it should be fun trying them all out.

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  1. I love these images – they are so hot and vibrant, and great fun. I’ve been exploring your blog and notice that you’ve been on some Leicester Print Workshop courses; would you recommend them?
    I’m thinking of doing some more on collographs, which I touched on on the Foundation in Art and Design at DMU and really enjoyed.

  2. Hi Alison. I’d very much recommend the LPW courses (http://www.leicesterprintworkshop.com/courses/). I’d never printed before attending one of the six week intro courses run there by Nichola Hingley (eg http://www.leicesterprintworkshop.com/courses/introduction_to_print_1/). I joined LPW before the end of the course and have since done a number of linocuts and etchings and one set of collagraphs. I’ve even contributed a linocut to the current resident artist’s project (will blog on that shortly). The other great thing about LPW is the willingness of the artists who go there to share their own skills and provide advice if you ask or even just look a little lost (which I do a lot of the time 🙂 ).

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