750 words: hay bales, part 4

This has to finish soon…


the main goal, thought james, would be to cause colin the creep the maximum pain while not unduly hurting either kat or the creep’s wife, marsha, who james had thought quite nice, talented and wholly undeserving of her obnoxious husband when they had met at parties her company had thrown for employees and their families. the solution was pretty obvious. james would have to relieve the guy of a large sum of money, denting his lifestyle since he would have to take it out of his pocket money rather than try and get it from his wife.

but how to do this? james had taken pictures of kat and the creep cavorting so blackmail would be easy. and if he could make it seem that the blackmailer was an uninterested party, ie not james, it would be more likely to succeed. he could not just phone the guy since there was a chance he would remember james’ voice from when they had met. email would work but it was highly likely that someone with such an aversion to real work would have his secretary dealing with all his emails. sending him a text message would be best but how could he get an anonymous phone – tottenham court road, it would have to be. luckily, james had a conference in london the next week. the only drawback to this would be that the creep would be left with a picture of kat and her bare buttocks but that could not be helped.

the rest of the week and the weekend were difficult. james had the image of kat in the car in the front of his mind whenever he was with her, so he took to spending even more time out with his camera. his own experience had left him overly sensitive to other people as well. any time he took a picture of a man and a woman together, he imagined that they were illicit lovers, sneaking around behind their spouses’ backs. he was sorely tempted to tell kat what he had seen but the thought of making the creep squirm kept his mouth shut.

sunday afternoon, he set off for london since the conference had a greeting session that evening. it was good that the conference was two days long so he could get his blackmail scheme set up with no interference from either his own work or from the awkwardness of interactions with kat. he worked the plan out in more detail on the train. he did search his own conscience about the idea of blackmail but found it did not bother him at all. he was not at all worried about getting caught by the police, either. if it did happen, he would admit his guilt and take whatever punishment came his way. it was not as though he was worried about leaving kat while he spent time in prison.

james checked into the hotel room he had booked. the room was the usual anonymous glitz supposed to appeal to the travelling businessman. including the requisite porn channel, without which the businessman on his own could not be expected to pass a single night. this was something james had looked at in the past but was not in the least attracted to right now.

on the following morning, james chatted to people he knew from other companies and other conferences over breakfast. he attended the opening plenary session, spending the time like all the others working through his email and googling the other attendees on his laptop, or playing with the goodies in the conference bag. as the session let out and everyone else was racing to get to the coffee queues first, james slipped down the stairs and out the main entrance of the hotel.

tottenham court road was only a few streets away from the conference centre as, indeed, it seemed to be from most places that james knew from his infrequent trips to london. the conference handout map was enough to get him there. he walked down a street of hotels, another of b&bs and then ducked into a side street leading to the main shopping areas. it was on the side street that he found a dingy looking electrical and electronics shop advertising buy-and-talk phones. for only forty pounds he could get a cheap multimedia phone with one hundred minutes of calls and one hundred texts. more than enough. he didn’t even have to visit the bank for more cash.

having sorted out his main business, james decided to treat himself to a splurge on his credit cards in the tottenham court road bookshops. what the hell, he would soon have more than enough money to cover it.


but not yet!

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