Fruit pastels

At today’s painting class, I finished a pastel work that I started last week. I like the look of pastels and wanted to have one go at it before the classes ended. Rod had a book of stunning watercolours (sorry, have not got the artist’s name) and I found this one, which I drew onto a sheet of purple sugar paper:

Apples and Pears Apples and Pears: drawing

I realise now that I didn’t get the spacing quite right. There’s too big a gap on the right. If I’d noticed, I could have made the pear to the left of the gap bigger. Must pay more attention.

I started by painting in the white/black/grey background and got just half the bottom line of fruit finished last week. I finished the rest this week.

Apples and Pears: final

I’m quite pleased with this. It has turned out okay. I learned stuff about pastels (like, if you want a pure colour like a green leaf or shade, don’t underpaint) and really enjoyed the exercise. I don’t know what it was about using the pastels but it seemed less ‘precious’ than acrylic. Sounds silly now that I write it. I think I need to just crack on and do a lot more painting so I can rid myself of this fear of paint that holds me back (I’ve had a half-finished canvas on the easel for three weeks now: the drawing and underpainting went well so I’m afraid to mess it up :} ).

Will try a quick scribbly abstract next week, I think.

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